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"iHire provided updates on job opportunities to look at in different places."

Sandra L.

Colorado Springs, CO
"I signed up for iHire back ......... when I first moved to New Jersey. I found a job four weeks later thanks to iHire. I've had this job for over a year now. Even after I was hired at my job, iHire continued to e-mail me job openings which I appreciated. This was the first time I received a job through the internet. I think it's an excellent source of job searching."

Lauren S.

Jersey City, NJ
"I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me find a job. It has been a long time since I first sent out my applications. I have received so many more calls for interviews after being a member of your site. Thanks so much for helping me find a great teaching job."

Jessica G.

"iHireElementaryTeachers helped me improve and optimize my resume."


Darien, IL
"They helped me understand the importance of consistency and working hard to find a job. They also helped me identify my skills. "

Aubrielle H.

Grand Rapids, MI
"iHire helped me “zone-in” on the school I was looking for and save time connecting to them."

Jeffrey H.

Brooklyn, NY
"The site made it easy to distribute my resume to prospective employers."

Carmela M.

Hazlet, NJ
"I was impressed by the offers made by this site, applied to take a chance, and was surprised to see response."

Meenakshi B.

"Thanks for all the job leads. I really appreciate all your help. Your web site always gave me more than one lead to pursue when I was looking for a job. This is a great web site."

Maria A.

San Antonio, TX
"I found a teacher assistant job from a center. The director set up a schedule to meet my needs. Great website for looking for a job according to your skills and location. I highly recommend this site to anyone. Ryan"

Patricia R.

Chicago, IL
"I can't believe that there is a site available willing to post resumes and find jobs for people and it costs nothing. I'm really pleased with this site. I came across it by accident and while I was posting my information, I kept wondering when will the charge appear? It didn't. I was amazed at how quickly everything was done and already I have had jobs displayed matching what I'm looking for. I highly recommend the site for anyone looking for a job. I'm truly grateful. Thank you."

RoseMarie M.

Brooklyn, NY
"Really helpful in finding a job"

Khrystal L.

Baton Rouge, LA
"I was pleasantly surprised to receive two phone calls about my resume summary this morning, merely one day after I submitted my request to you. I look forward to more calls in the near future."

Dana M.

York, NE
"Was hired by a school district very close to home!!!"

Riverside, CA
"Thank you so much for your site! I was a little skeptical at first about the prospects of receiving a job online. I found a job that looked interesting, however, and I decided to apply. Within two days after applying I received a call from the school for an interview. The school was a perfect match for me and I would have never known about the school had I not visited your site. I now have an EXCELLENT teaching job for the upcoming school year and I owe it to you. I would highly recommend your site to anyone!"

Julia S.

Orlando, FL
"I got many calls and believe that because of this site I will have a job very soon. I am so happy that I used this site and would recommend it to anyone looking for a job. Thank you!"

Kathy V.

Northridge, CA
"iHireElementaryTeachers has helped me locate jobs within my skill range. "

Rebecca F.

Loveland, CO
"I became more aware of job vacancies in my area by viewing those listed on iHire. "

Alie J.

Cope, SC
"I believe this medium of finding a job is a very suitable one. It is very speedy and you get responses very quickly that suit your profile."

Lawrence Roger R.

"Best way to build a well-formatted resume that I have come across."

Freddy S.

Reseda, CA
"iHireElementaryTeachers gave me hope that there are hiring opportunities out there! Thank you!"


Wichita, KS
"A few days after I submitted a resume on iHireElementaryTeachers I received an email from a school district asking if I would like an interview. I was hired shortly after the interview. Prior to this I had hunted all over the internet and the state for a job for several months. Two weeks from posting to iHire vs five months. Yeah, I think iHireElementaryTeachers is a great value."

Matthew S.

Fayetteville, NC
"Great advice for my resume. Thanks!"

Gina V.

Cibolo, TX
"iHire has been extremely helpful. It kept me informed of all teaching positions being posted in the local school districts which enabled me to apply through their website. I accepted a teaching position in the district where I have been serving as a para these last two years. "

Hope B.

Dundas, MN
"I am a recent graduate and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to find a job. Within a week of posting my resume, I had an interview, and two days later I had the job. This site works great."

Nicole B.

Baldwinville, MA
"I wish to expressly forward my appreciation ahead of my anticipation in securing a job for the great job your organization is doing to help people like me to have the hope of reaching out to as many employers as possible without much hassle."

Jide O.

Irvington, NJ
"I have been generally impressed by this web site and thought you might also find it very valuable. Thank you."

Karin B.

Norwalk, CT
"I found a wonderful opportunity at a charter school. "

Jennifer S.

Hopkins, MN
"This website helped me stay updated on the open jobs in my area."

Taylor M.

Oakley, IL
"Thank you for sending out my resume and cover letter to so many prospective employers. I am sure I will have a good job soon. I just came back from a very promising interview. Your help made the information age come to life for me and helped more than any other avenue I have found. I have 6 packets from school districts asking me to apply. Thank you again. I highly recommend your services."

Michael T.

Colton, CA
"I found a job on iHire that I didn't know was out there. I applied, interviewed, and got hired."


Santa Clara, CA
"Provided a list of job postings in teaching which helped me get a job. "

Laura W.

Omaha, NE
"Great at updating you with multiple jobs in your location each time a job is posted "


Jacksonville, FL
"I graduated college, found out about, used it, and found my dream job! it was that simple. I highly recommend this site for anyone looking to find an elementary job ANYWHERE!!"

Alexander U.

Westfield, NY
"I appreciated the weekly, sometimes daily emails of available jobs. It narrowed down my search and saved me time when applying for positions."

Brittany S.

North Las Vegas, NV
" I was excited to receive many responses by mail and phone from employers with many, diverse job offers. "It works!" will probably be your first reaction. Then, with so many choices, I felt like I was the one in control of the hiring process. Having previous teaching and professional experience, I knew what I wanted at the time and what I was willing to try. I was confident of my abilities for the offers I got, it would be up to me to "land the job." So, the whole process was unique. I did end up working in a new environment that has kept me motivated as a teacher and hopeful about using this service in the future."

Teilo B.

Virginia Beach, VA
"I enjoy viewing the web page. The web page is very easy to go through. Great list of collective job openings !"

Johnny G.

Phoenix, AZ
"When I posted my resume on iHire I was hired right away. Thank you iHire!"

Josefina J.

Houston, TX
"Yea!! I just accepted a teaching position through your website. I live in Illinois and just accepted the position in Arizona. All because of you I will be teaching this fall. THANK YOU!!!"

John V.

Kewanee, IL
"I was extremely pleased with After one week I had at least five phone calls with potential jobs! I received one phone call from a wonderful private school and accepted the job within a week. Thank you for a wonderful service!"

Joan T.

Cranford, NJ
"Thank you for the assistance with my teacher-media specialist job search. It is easy to become discouraged when so many qualified teachers and librarians are out of work. Your letters and reminders of ways to make job searching more effective help me to continue my quest to find the perfect job. "

Marilyn L.

Harrison Township, MI
"The is a great resource for teaching jobs."


Richmond, VA