Success Stories

What employers are saying...

Kathy Dagnon

It is a joy to work with you. You are very patient and are not pushy. You really seem to put the customers needs first and we as HR managers are crazy busy with many things it is nice to know that you are there as a resource for us but work with our timeline. Thank you for the excellent customer service

Kathy Dagnon
Desert View Schools

Art Hebbeler

When our kindergarten teacher had to resign for personal reasons just five weeks into the school year, we were in a minor crisis to find a new teacher. Not only didn’t we have a stable of substitutes, we were only five weeks into our first year as a school! So, we turned to the local papers, our school web site, and college placement offices first to find a teacher. No luck! So, when we came across, we decided to give it a chance—we couldn’t do any worse than we already had. Much to our surprise, we found several great candidates, and in the end, hired an exchange teacher from Canada who had also taught in Korea and the UK (a great benefit, since we have a large Korean community around us). It was a match made in heaven, to be sure!

Art Hebbeler, Head of Schools
The Augsburg Academy

Leza Chryssovergis

I wanted to share the success I had with your website. I posted the position of Pre-School aide on iHireElementaryTeachers and received a great number of responses. It was wonderfully easy to type in my requirements and what the position entailed and let the teachers look the information up. I plan on posting our 2nd Grade teacher opening very soon and hope to have as much response with this position as I had with the Pre-School aide position.

Leza Chryssovergis, Principal
Holy Trinity Academy

Dottie Toney

My experience with I Hire Elementary Teachers was outstanding! The format, the extent of information given, the calculating of the percent of requirements met, and the availability of persons to answer questions was unparalleled, in my 32 years of experience in education! I was in charge of recruiting teachers for my church's school, and finding this website was the key to my being able to fulfill my responsibilities. The children and the staff will also reap rewards because of the quality of the applicants we found---applicants who would never have known about us otherwise! Thank you!!

Dottie Toney, HR
Rivercliff Lutheran School

Jeff Katon

This is a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed using The posting process is very user friendly taking only a few minutes to get your information on the teaching position sent to thousands of prospects in a matter of minutes. The filtering process has allowed me to screen through applicants and also give me a head start with those that do pass the initial questions. These applicants have a better idea of that type of opportunity they are exploring after they review the opportunity description and go through my qualifying questions. This is my preferred website to post my positions.

Jeff Katon, Recruiter
Absolute Recruiting Solutions, Inc.

David Edwards

Your web site has been invaluable to me for recruiting and vetting prospective candidates for my Children's Art Education Program. I shall continue using your services for the foreseeable future.

David Edwards, Owner

Andy Habermann

I needed to fill 8 positions for teaching Saturday morning in the fall. You service, within a day of posting, provided me with 3 of the 8 that turned out to be excellent teachers. There were several other candidates who were well-qualified but were not willing to travel.

Andy Habermann, Employment Officer
ECT Test Preparation, Inc.

Scott Michael Hines

We just hired our first teacher that came to us via your website. I think we will plan to use iHire again in the future.

Scott Michael Hines, President
A to Z In-Home Tutoring LLC

Alissa Whiteley

We post jobs regularly on iHire, as we are a year-round after-school tutoring company. Each time that we've posted for a position, we've found a qualified candidate. I'm am so glad that I found out about iHire a year ago, and am even more happy that the teachers we've hired are still with us today!

Alissa Whiteley
Huntington Learning Center

Ahsan Ali

We have had a number of interested applicants. We are planning to interview and I think we will get the right candidate through iHireElementaryTeacher. I am so glad that we did this.

Ahsan Ali
Huda Academy

Andy Habermann

Each year we need to fill between 5 and 10 positions. This year there were two spots that were filled because of iHire. I spent 10 times this amount to fill the other three spots.

Andy Habermann, Human Resource Director
TestPreparation, Inc.

Carol Pierce

Creative Home Programs receives a great response to its ad on We are an early intervention program serving infants and toddlers in their homes and have hired at least three people in the past six months that have come to us well qualified. I would recommend the web site to any educational employer. The price is "right" and the ability to tailor the requirements to each position is what draws the correct applicant and gives our company a fuller picture of the prospective employee before we even interview.

Carol Pierce
MENTOR/Creative Home Programs

Nancy Box

Thank you for your assistance in finding a music teacher. Even though we were "coming down to the wire" as the school year approached, you found interested candidates. Your ability to have candidates indicate how close of a match they are to our requirements was particularly helpful.

Nancy Box
Twin Peaks Charter Academy

Nancy Field

I had an excellent experience using iHire. The resumes and emails came in a timely manner, and were easy to access and manage. The amount of responses from this ad was also excellent. It allowed me to view candidates that qualified for the position. I would definitely use iHire again.

Nancy Field, Director of Education
Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy


We had a wonderful response with regard to qualified candidates for teaching positions. Thank you!


Timothy Dewey

Your website service has provided us with another way to recruit quality teachers. Thank you for your valuable assistance.

Timothy Dewey
Modern Knowledge School