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Monarch Preschool College Park is a high-quality, project-based learning pre-kindergarten full day program for children aged 3-5. Monarch Preschool College Park is a place where care is not passive. Spaces, curriculum, and teachers are all active, engaged and helping children apply their learning to real world issues. We expect to foster a life-long love of learning, focusing on the whole child approach and getting children ready for school and life beyond. Children in this preschool will be met at their developmental level as they learn from each other and work together to complete in-depth projects that they are interested in.


All children can and want to learn. Monarch Preschool desires a compassionate educator who understands developmental milestones and creates an environment for children to explore and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.


Monarch Preschool College Park provides an authentic application of learning through project-based learning that embeds the arts within the important learning concepts to foster engagement, aid in retention and enhance comprehension in a consistently hands-on, interactive, and dynamic environment. We seek candidates who incite the natural passion to learn, by presenting learning experiences as expeditions into the unknown. Candidates will cultivate and foster greater continuity of relationships between students and teachers, draw on the power of small groups, create an exploratory mindset, and allow children to understand the greater community.


  1. Develop age and content appropriate lessons aligned to the state standards and early childhood tenets.
  2. Collaborate with other team members and administration.
  3. Attend professional development and staff meetings.
  4. Follow the school mission and instill the beliefs in our students.
  5. Help students gain critical, creative and problem solving skills.
  6. Understand and use a variety of data and data sources for planning.
  7. Manage classroom culture and student behavior.
  8. Support and participate in school wide activities.
  9. Ensure classroom is attractive, safe, and conducive for learning.
  10. Effectively communicate with parents and caregivers.
  11. Commit to Responsive Classroom philosophies and creating culturally competent community of learners.
  12. Commit to principles of based learning and project based learning.
  13. Maintaining positive rapport with students and members of the school community.
  14. Provide integrated thematic lessons congruent with the early childhood standards.
  15. Utilize a variety of instructional methodologies to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  16. Develop and implement lesson plans to address the students learning deficits on a daily basis.
  17. Expand and adapt current curriculum to meet students needs.
  18. Implement classroom management that meets the needs of the student and the group.
  19. Participate in on-going supervision of students.
  20. Utilize technology to support instruction.
  21. Participate as a team member (teacher, Teaching assistant, clinician, classroom assistants and one to ones) in roles that are clearly delineated and effectively carried out.
  22. Provide support for unique student situations is sought.
  23. Embrace the holistic delivery of services.
  24. Effectively communicate with other team members through active listening and reflection.
  25. Hold team members accountable by making the covert overt in an effort to be effective with the students.
  26. Involve parent and/or significant others in the students educational program.
  27. Document regulatory, licensing and funding bodies requirements in a thorough and timely manner.
  28. Demonstrate computer competencies for documentation and communication.


QUALIFICATIONS: The Minimum qualifications for the position are:

  • Lead Preschool Teacher candidates must possess either a 90 hour Preschool Certification/Associates Degree in Early Childhood and/or Child Development Associate in Preschool
  • Successfully completed the 9 hour communication course
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Complete all Maryland Office of Child Care Licensing Requirements to obtain Preschool Teacher status from the state.
  • 1 year experience or training or an equivalent combination of education/experience is recommended working in a child care center or preschool classroom.
  • Full-time/Part Time

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The Children's Guild College Park Preschool
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