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Job Description

Heritage Academy is looking for a Teacher for a class of 10-15 students for the 2022-2023 school year. We are open for in-person/on-campus learning. The salary range is listed below and based on experience. Below is a general job description/expectations. Please include a cover letter introducing yourself and why you'd like to teach at Heritage Academy. 

Job Description: Classroom Teacher

A teacher at Heritage Academy must have a passion for Christ, a passion for kids, and a passion for teaching. We are searching for teachers who consider their profession their calling by God. We want to employ teachers who desire to be the hands and hearts that minister to children and their families in Jesus’ name and who grow strong academic students. We believe a parent should never have to sacrifice excellent academics for a Christ-centered education. The culture of Heritage Academy would require the following:

Regarding children a teacher should

  • View each child as an individual

  • Always turn a child’s heart toward home

  • Seek to discover a child’s unique learning style

  • Seek ways to teach to that learning style as often as possible

  • Respect a child as a unique creation of God

  • Establish procedures and boundaries in a classroom that are clear and fair

  • Come prepared daily and have lesson plans in place; if you do not have a plan, they will

  • Discipline and correct a child in a nurturing manner always seeking redemption and when possible, discipline privately

  • Never shame a child

  • Use God-honoring, supportive words at all times including “please” and “thank you”

  • Laugh and smile with the children; let them know you enjoy them

  • Remember that there may be times when the child is more important than the lesson

Regarding parents, a teacher should

  • Remember that we partner with parents in raising up Heritage Academy students

  • Remember that neither we nor the parents have all the answers

  • Avail yourself of the parents’ knowledge of the child regarding academic and discipline issues

  • Protect your heart from judging a parent

  • Remember that parents are our “clients” and we need to serve them and our students

  • Refrain from discussing parents with other staff members unless it is to seek guidance regarding academics or discipline

  • Use God-honoring, supportive words at all times when speaking to parents

  • Understand that parents may come to you for guidance regarding their child

  • Proactively contact parents regarding slipping grades, behavior problems, classroom interactions, etc.

  • Keep the administration apprised of interactions with parents

Regarding the staff, a teacher should

  • Recognize that each of us is a sinner in need of salvation; mistakes will be made

  • Follow the Golden Rule

  • Always honor Matthew 18 regarding conflicts

  • Attend devotions daily

  • Serve as ministers and teachers

  • Attend the extra activities that occur at night and on weekends

  • Find ways to encourage each other

  • Use God-honoring, supportive words at all times when speaking

  • Seek help when needed regarding academics, discipline, or even a personal matter

  • Be congenial. Sometimes the children are not.

About Heritage Academy

HERITAGE ACADEMY is where students are known, minds are challenged, and faith becomes authentic.

HERITAGE ACADEMY is a small private Christian school located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Our mission statement: HERITAGE ACADEMY exists to partner with parents in raising up excited learners who grow as Christ-lovers and to foster a community where kids are known.

HERITAGE ACADEMY is at full student capacity with 10 staff members who service Kindergarten through 5th grade. As you enter each room you will encounter happy, engaged students intent on learning. Small class sizes (12-15 students), passionate teachers, stunning curriculum, involved parents, and an open-door administration policy have proven to be the keys to raising up excited learners at HERITAGE ACADEMY.


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