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3 Job Offer Templates Every Hiring Manager Needs

Struggling with writing a job offer letter? These three offer letter templates will help you create the perfect job offer email in no time.

After you’ve extended an informal verbal offer, it’s time to get to work writing the official job offer letter. It’s important that you only proceed after confirming the terms of employment with the necessary higher-ups—after all, this document is legally binding.

Writing an effective job offer email requires knowledge of what’s included in a job offer letter and the ability to present that information clearly and succinctly. It doesn’t matter if you’re extending job offers to a student worker or a professional with a 40-year career. As an employer representative, you must do your due diligence when writing a job offer letter to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

Vague terms and missing explanations of benefits or responsibilities risk confusing the offer recipient. To avoid these potential issues, consider the following sample letters to write an employment offer letter that’s right for you.


Sample Job Offer Letter Template #1—Full Offer as Outline

Outlines are widely used in business writing because they provide a lot of information at a glance. As you’re putting together a job offer email for your new hire, you may consider using this strategy if there are numerous key details you need to convey concerning organizational structure, compensation, and work hours, as well as other aspects of the position.


Dear [New Hire Name],

We are excited to extend the following offer of employment for the role of [Position Title] with [Company Name], contingent upon [list of contingencies]. Please review the following terms and conditions of your employment, should you accept this offer.

Position: As [Position Title], you will report to the [Manager/Supervisor Position Title]. Your regular duties include [list of responsibilities].

Compensation: Your annual base salary of [salary] will be paid as [salary for pay period] per [length of pay period]. This salary is subject to deductions for taxes as required by law, as well as withholdings and adjustments reflective of company policies.

Hours: This is a [Full-Time/Part-Time/Seasonal] position requiring approximately [# hours] hours per week.

Benefits: As a [Company Name] employee, you will be eligible for [health/life/disability/dental] insurance coverage supplied per company policy. See the attached information for information regarding your eligibility for other benefits, including [benefit #1] and [benefit #2].

Vacation and Personal Time Off: Paid time off is accrued at [# days] per [# weeks].

Employment Relationship: Your employment at [Company Name] is [at-will (recommended)/fixed-term], meaning that [explanation of relationship type].

Additional Agreements: Like all employees, you will be required to sign the company [privacy/proprietary information and inventions/non-compete/etc.] agreements before your start date.

Start Date: [start date]

You may indicate your agreement with these terms and accept the above offer by signing and dating this agreement on or before [deadline]. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at [your phone #] or email at [your email address].


[Your Name & Title]


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Sample Job Offer Letter Template #2—Full Offer as Business Letter

While the outline strategy presented in the first example does a great job of relaying a lot of information in a format that’s easy to review, it can appear a bit informal. For HR reps who prefer to use a more official employment offer letter, our second sample job offer letter template does a great job of delivering many of the same details as the outline template while using more formal language.


Dear [New Hire Name],

[Company Name] is pleased to offer you the position of [Position Title]. We are excited about the skills and potential you bring to our organization.

As we discussed, you will be working at our [office/contact point] location beginning [start date]. The base salary is [salary] per [length of pay period], subject to modification at [Company Name]’s discretion. You will report directly to the [Manager/Supervisor Title]. You can see a full list of job duties and expectations in the attached job description.

[Insurance coverage] will be provided through the company’s employee benefit plan effective [date]. We offer a paid time off plan that includes vacation, personal, and sick time off. You will receive [# days] days of vacation per [# weeks] weeks worked. [Describe additional benefits here].

In accepting our offer of employment, you certify your understanding that your employment with [Company Name] is [at-will (recommended)/fixed-term], meaning that [explanation of relationship type].

We look forward to welcoming you to our company and are confident you will contribute positively to our [Department Name]. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at [your phone #] or email at [your email address].


[Your Name & Title]


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Sample Job Offer Letter Template #3—Email Offer Summary with Attachments

Why focus so much on writing a job offer letter when all the vital information is in the official paperwork? Our third and final job offer letter template was created with that notion in mind. This job offer email is short and sweet, providing a few necessary details and directing the new hire to review the attached files to find out more about benefits and terms and conditions of their employment.


Dear [New Hire Name],

We are writing to offer you the position of [Position Title] with [Company Name]. We are excited to bring your experience and enthusiasm to our organization.

We can offer you a [salary] base salary, along with paid time off as accrued according to company policy. Additional benefits as well as the terms and conditions of your employment are outlined in the attached files. Please review, sign, and return the attached documentation by [deadline].

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at [your phone #] or email at [your email address]. We look forward to welcoming you to the [Company Name] team!


[Your Name & Title]


Writing a job offer letter from scratch can be time-consuming and takes away from your efforts to build your employer brand or manage your recruitment marketing initiatives. Download or copy/paste your favorite sample job offer letters and quickly fill in the necessary information to make sure you’re well-positioned to get the new hires you want.

For more letter and email templates, visit our Employer Resource Center.

By Erin Coursey, iHire | January 25, 2022